Armenia                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Boris Feldblyum Collection

                                  Reference page. All photos copyright Boris Feldblyum or other sources. 


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01-Aleksandropol_001s 02-Aleksandropol_002s 03-Loading wood, Armenian relief_s 04-Armenians make quilts, Alexandropol_ 05-Armenians spinning wheels_s
01-Aleksandropol_001s.jpg 02-Aleksandropol_002s.jpg 03-Loading wood, Armenian relief_s.jpg 04-Armenians make quilts, Alexandropol_.jpg 05-Armenians spinning wheels_s.jpg
06-arm_women_001s 07-arm_women_003s 08-arm_women_002s 09-Armenia, Widows and children_s 10-Armenian Refugees in Relief Committee Tents - Aintab_s
06-arm_women_001s.jpg 07-arm_women_003s.jpg 08-arm_women_002s.jpg 09-Armenia, Widows and children_s.jpg 10-Armenian Refugees in Relief Committee Tents - Aintab_s.jpg
11-Armenian volunteer soldier_s 12-Give or we perish American Committee for Relief_s 13-Lest they perish Campaign_s 14-Lest we perish Campaign_s 15-The child at your door_s
11-Armenian volunteer soldier_s.jpg 12-Give or we perish American Committee for Relief_s.jpg 13-Lest they perish Campaign_s.jpg 14-Lest we perish Campaign_s.jpg 15-The child at your door_s.jpg