HARBIN, China                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Boris Feldblyum Collection

                       (also Charbin, Kharbin, Харбин)

                                  Reference page. All photos copyright Boris Feldblyum or other sources.  All rights reserved


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Chinatown. Main Street. 1930's.

Chinatown. Tea House. 1930's.

Street photographer. 1930's.

Rikshas. 1930's.

Pristan. Hotel Modern. 1930's.

New Town. St. Nicolas Russian Orthodox Cathedral. Destroyed in the 1960's during the Cultural Revolution. Photo 1930's.

New Town. Eastern Chinese Railway Station. 1930's.


New Town. Russian Consulate. 1930's.


New Town. Japanese Consulate. 1930's.


Pristan. Artillerijskaya Street. Stone synagogue. Built 1907-1909. Photo 1910's.

Sent as postcard (in Yiddish) to M. Max in Paris, France.

New Town. Station at night. 1930's.

Pristan. Chinese Street. 1930's.

Pristan. Bank of Chosen. 1930's. Business sign reads: Supermarket.

Pristan. St. Sophia Russian Orthodox Church. 1930's.


Pristan. Russian Jews in the streets. 1920's.

Pristan. Covered market. Business sign reads: Wholesale and Retail Paint Trade by S. A. Dvorkin (Дворкин) and I. B. Levitskij (variants: Levitsky, Levitzky, Lewicki, Левицкий). 1930's.

Sungari River. 1930's.

Railway bridge over Sungari River. 1930's.



Oksanovskaya's (Оксановская) Women's Gymnasium. 1928 Graduation photo.