Crimea, Ukraine                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Boris Feldblyum Collection

                (also Крим, Крым)

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Baidar Gate (Байдарские Ворота). Photo early 1900's.
Architect: Karl Eschliman (1848).

Baidar Gate (Байдарские Ворота). 1933.

Photographer: Kh. D. Benditsky (variants Bendicki, Benditzky, Бендицкий)

Photo 1972.

Baidar Gate. View toward the Black Sea shore. Early 1900s.

View at Foros and the Church or Resurrection (Церковь Воскресения). Architect N. Chagin (Н. Чагин), 1892. Photo early 1900's


Publisher: I. M. Vasserman (Вассерман) in Feodosia.

Resort New Kastropol.(Дом Отдыха Новый Кастрополь).  1965.

Uchan-Su. Forest. Photo early 1900's.