POLTAVA, Ukraine                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Boris Feldblyum Collection

                           (also Полтава)


                                  Reference page. All photos copyright Boris Feldblyum or other sources.  All rights reserved

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General view. 1901.

Aleksandrovskaya (Александровская) Street and Bolshaya Petrovskaya (Большая Петровская) Square. Early 1900's.

Publisher: I. A. Dokhman (variants: Dochman, Dohman, Дохман).


View of the railroad station with a water tower. Photo 1901.


Stone synagogue. Photo early 1900's.


Talmud-Torah. Photo 1901.

Vorskla (Ворскла) river near Poltava.  Ca. 1910.

Photographer: V. A. Svetlichny (Светличный)

House of the District Council Governor. (Дом губернатора земской управы.)

Photographer: A. Pavlovich (Павловч).


View of the Sobornaya (Cathedral) Square and the Cathedral, built in 1770. Photo 1912.

Tsar Nicholas II visiting the place of the Poltava battle between the Russian and the Swedish troops in 1709. Photo 1909.


Braudo, Menakhem-Mendel'. Identification photograph.
Photographer: D. Meerovich in Poltava. Photo 1912.