Washington, DC       L Street NW                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Boris Feldblyum Architectural Photography

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1101 L Street, NW. 2011.
Architect: Stern & Tomlinson (1924)

1220 L Street, lobby

Architect: Davis Carter Scott (2008).
Contractor: DPR Construction, Inc.

1307 L Street NW. Stoney's Bar & Grill. 2005.

1307-1309 L Street NW. 2005.



1307 L Street NW. 2013.
New York University.

1313 L Street NW. 2013.

Architect: Smith Segreti Tepper Architects and Planners (1984).

Original owner: Service Employees International Union. Current (2013) owner: National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC)

1515 L Street NW.

Washington Post Building. 2005

Architect: Albert Kahn Associated Architects (1951).

1615 L Street NW.
Architect: Vlastimil Koubek & Associates, Jung Brannen Associates, Inc. (1984)
Architect renovation: Der Scutt Architect (ca. 2011).

1707 L Street NW. 2013.

1850 L Street NW. 2003.