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View of Honolulu. From the harbor. Views of the Royal school, Catholic church, Native church, steamer Akamai, Honolulu House, Palace of King Ka-eha-eha III, Court house, armory, Bethel, Stone church, Charity school, Market house, interior of the fort, custom house. 1854.

Honolulu. 1855.
Views of residences and consulates: John Yung; Mr. Angel, U.S. Consul; General Miller, H.B.M. Consul; Mr. Perrin, French Consul; Prince Alexander & Lot; Mr. Armstrong; U.S. Consulate, King's summer house; Mr. Hackfeld, Swedish Consul; Mr. Montgomery, Mr. Gregg, U.S. Commissioner; Mr. Wyllie; Mr. Davis, Peruvian Consul; Mr. Hall; Mr. Reynolds, Bremen Consul.


Views of stores, shops and factories: T. Spencer, ship chandler, Rice & Co., F. Colburn, auctioneer, H. Robinson & Co., Makee & Anthons [i.e., Anthony?] building, Aldrich & Bishop, Dr. Hoffmann, Monsarrat & Co., J.C. Spalding, C. Brewer & Co., S.H. Williams & Co., Spalding, R. Coady & Co., ship chandlers; D.N. Flitner, chronometer & watchmaker, Honolulu Ironworks, H. Sea, auction room, Holt & Heuck, Melchers & Co., Mitchell & Fales, ship chandlers, B.F. Snow; Prter & Ogden, Allen & Co., Polynesian Office, Wells Fargo & Co.

Views of homes and residences: Mr. Boullion, Mr. Dudois, Capt. Snow, Mr. Cartwright, T. Spencer, J.C. Spalding, Dr. Ford, Capt. Crab, H. Sea, Dr. Newcomb, Dr. Wood, Mr. Sommer, Macfarlane, Porter & Ogden, Mrs. Dowsett.

Views of homes and residences: Dr. Lathrop, Paki, Washington Place, John Ji, Judge Andrews, Mr. Bishop, Capt. Luce, Rev. Mr. Damon, Dr. Hildebrand, Dr. Judd, Capt. Makee, A.B. Bates, Mr. Wood, J.H. Wood, John Ladd, and the waterfall in Nuanu Valley.

Main Street. Ca. 1890's.

View towards the hills. Ca. 1890's.




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Beach at Waikiki_01w.jpg (46208 bytes)

Beach at Waikiki. Early 1900's.

Crater of Kilauea_01w.jpg (24482 bytes)

Crater of Kilauea_01. Early 1900's.

Crater of Kilauea_02w.jpg (24601 bytes)

Crater of Kilauea_02. Early 1900's.


Dry dock, Pearl Habor_01w.jpg (34156 bytes)

Dry dock, Pearl Harbor. Early 1900's.

Haleiwa Hotel_01w.jpg (28959 bytes)

Haleiwa Hotel. Early 1900's.

Hawaiian grass house_01w.jpg (39178 bytes)

Hawaiian grass house. Early 1900's.

Hawaiian Hotel_01w.jpg (45855 bytes)

Hawaiian Hotel. Early 1900's.

Honolulu Harbor_01w.jpg (17882 bytes)

Honolulu Harbor. Early 1900's.


Honolulu_01w.jpg (19753 bytes)

Honolulu_01. Early 1900's.


Honolulu_02w.jpg (24461 bytes)

Honolulu_02. Early 1900's.

Honolulu_03w.jpg (25901 bytes)

Honolulu_03. Early 1900's.

The Pali_01w.jpg (36246 bytes)

The Pali. Early 1900's.

Volcano House, Kilauea_01w.jpg (21653 bytes)

Volcano House, Kilauea. Early 1900's.

Volcano House_02w.jpg (30728 bytes)

Volcano House_02. Early 1900's.

Volcano House_03w.jpg (29465 bytes)

Volcano House_02. Early 1900's.