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Minneapolis Federal Reserve Bank, 250 Marquette Av
Minneapolis_Broadway Bridge
Minneapolis_Business portion-02_02w
Minneapolis_Calhoun Beach_01w
Minneapolis_Como-Harriet Streetcar Line_3
Minneapolis_Como-Harriet Streetcar Line_7
Minneapolis_Fisher-Fallgatter Mill, Waupaca, Waupaca County, WI_37
Minneapolis_Fort Snelling Complex, Stables_3
Minneapolis_Gluek Brewing Company Hotel & Saloon, 24 Hennepin Av
Minneapolis_International Harvester_700 North Washington Av_03
Minneapolis_Kees Building, 25 South Tenth St_07
Minneapolis_Liquor store, Gateway District_1939
Minneapolis_Masonic Temple, Hennepin Av_01
Minneapolis_Metropolitan Building, 308 Second Avenue South_01
Minneapolis_Metropolitan Building, 308 Second Avenue South_02
Minneapolis_Metropolitan Building, 308 Second Avenue South_04
Minneapolis_Metropolitan Building, 308 Second Avenue South_05
Minneapolis_Mississippi River 9-Foot Channel, Lock & Dam No. 1_16
Minneapolis_Municipal Building_01
Minneapolis_Municipal Building_02
Minneapolis_Municipal Building_03
Minneapolis_Municipal Building_04
Minneapolis_Municipal Building_05
Minneapolis_North Star Woolen Mill_12
Minneapolis_North Star Woolen Mill_13
Minneapolis_Northwestern Consolidated Elevator A_19
Minneapolis_Northwestern Consolidated Elevator A_24
Minneapolis_Northwestern Consolidated Elevator A_28
Minneapolis_Northwestern Consolidated Elevator A_38
Minneapolis_Northwestern Consolidated Elevator A_64
Minneapolis_Our Lady of Lourdes Church
Minneapolis_Steel Arch Bridge_18
Minneapolis_Steel Arch Bridge_24
Minneapolis_Steel Arch Bridge_35
Minneapolis_Street scene_01
Minneapolis_Street scene_02
Minneapolis_Trucks loading at farm implement warehouse_01
Minneapolis_Trucks loading at farm implement warehouse_02
Minneapolis_Washburn Crosby Company Elevators No. 2 & 3_22
Minneapolis_Washburn-Crosby Milling Complex
Panoramic view of Minneapolis_01w