OMAHA, NE, USA                                                                                                                                                                        Boris Feldblyum Collection  

                                  Reference page. All photos copyright Boris Feldblyum or other sources.  All rights reserved


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Omaha High School & cadets. 1914.

Panorama of the city. 1914.

Union stock yards. 1916.

The Horses Market, South Omaha. 1914.

Stock yards, South Omaha. 1908.

Panorama of the city. 1914.

Union stock yards. 1914.

Panoramic from Grain Exchange Bldg. 1916.

Omaha Merchants Express and Transfer Co. 1908.


Burlington station. Ca. 1910.

Farnam Street. 1906.

First National bank. 1921.

Hanscom Park. 1909.


Hotel Paxton. 1940s.

Nash Building, 901-911 Douglas Street & 902-912 Farnam Street. 1930's

Omaha Quartermaster Depot. 1930's.

Omaha Quartermaster Depot. 1900's.

M. E. Smith Building, 201 South Tenth Street. 1930's.

Technical High School. ca. 1920.

Union Station. 1918.



Students at Yeshiva University's Stern College for Women rehearse lighting of the first candle of the Menorah. L to R: Tamara Platnick (variant: Platnik) of Forest Hills, NY, Rochelle Zigelman of Toronto, Canada, and Diane Groner of Omaha, N. Photo 1960.                                      [603]