BUFFALO, NY                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Boris Feldblyum Collection

                                  Reference page. Images copyright Boris Feldblyum or other sources. 

                                 All images, exept as noted, are available for purchase and commercial licensing as stock photography.

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Along the river1 An Old timer at C.T.T. elevator1 Buffalo River1 Buffalo River2 Buffalo Savings Bank1
Along the river1.jpg An Old timer at C.T.T. elevator1.jpg Buffalo River1.jpg Buffalo River2.jpg Buffalo Savings Bank1.jpg
City Hall1 Commercial Street next to Lafayette Square Creek and elevators near foot of Main Street1 Ellicott Square Building1 Great Northern elevator and shipping1
City Hall1.jpg Commercial Street next to Lafayette Square.jpg Creek and elevators near foot of Main Street1.jpg Ellicott Square Building1.jpg Great Northern elevator and shipping1.jpg
Labor Day parade, Main Street Lafayette Hotel1 Main Street1 Main Street2 Newsboy Albert Krieger1
Labor Day parade, Main Street.jpg Lafayette Hotel1.jpg Main Street1.jpg Main Street2.jpg Newsboy Albert Krieger1.jpg
Niagara Street1 Niagara elevator1 Shelton Square1 St. Pauls Church1 The city of Buffalo_1880_1
Niagara Street1.jpg Niagara elevator1.jpg Shelton Square1.jpg St. Pauls Church1.jpg The city of Buffalo_1880_1.jpg
Tony Tomasula,Morris Bookbinder1 Tony Tomasula,Morris Bookbinder2 View of Buffalo2 View of Tifft House1  
Tony Tomasula,Morris Bookbinder1.jpg Tony Tomasula,Morris Bookbinder2.jpg View of Buffalo2.jpg View of Tifft House1.jpg