CINCINNATI, OH, USA                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Boris Feldblyum Collection

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4th Street. Early 1900s.

5th Street. Early 1900s.

Government Square. Early 1900s.

Walnut street. early 1900s.

Hotel Sinton
Architect: F.M. Andrews (1907)

Rabbi Eliezer Silver (1882, Obleliai, Lithuania-1968, Cincinnati, OH) pushing unlevened dough for the firsts baking of matza at the Manischewitz plant in Jersey City. Photo 1953.


Young Chicken Vendors, Sixth St. Market. Heyman Mormer, Willie Mormer, Reubenstein (variants: Rubinshtein, Rubinsztejn, Rubinstein). Photo 1908.