Pittsburgh, PA, USA                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Boris Feldblyum Photography / Collection

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Pittsburgh_PA_5thAve&Smithfield_View_East_2003062904w.jpg (58078 bytes)

5th Ave & Smithfield View East. 2003

Pittsburgh_PA_5thAve_2003062917_02w.jpg (46728 bytes)

5th Ave

Pittsburgh_PA_Pittsburgh_U_Tower2003062910w.jpg (54067 bytes)

Pittsburgh University Tower. 2003 

Pittsburgh_PA_Hilel_Bldg_4607_ForbersAve_2003062901w.jpg (40673 bytes)

Pittsburgh Hilel. 2003

Pittsburgh_PA_Carnegie-Mellon_U_Baker_Hall_003062913w.jpg (40449 bytes)

Carnegie-Mellon University. Baker Hall. 2003

Pittsburgh_PA_Carnegie-Mellon_U_Jewish_Frat_House_Forbes_&_Moorewood_003062909w.jpg (64294 bytes)

Carnegie-Mellon University. Fraternity House. 2003

Pittsburgh_PA_Carnegie-Mellon_U_tile_003062915w.jpg (52913 bytes)

Carnegie-Mellon University. Decorative tile. 2003

Pittsburgh_PA_Carnegie-Mellon_U_Baker_Hall_003062912w.jpg (40133 bytes)

Carnegie-Mellon University. Baker Hall. 2003


Pittsburgh_PA_View_East_@Rt30&ForbesAve_BirminghamBridge_2003062902w.jpg (34679 bytes)

View East at Rt30 & Forbes Ave towards Birmingham Bridge. 2003

Pittsburgh_PA_View_South_OfeliaStr_houses_2003062903w.jpg (54173 bytes)

View South. Ofelia Street houses. 2003

Outskirts of the city. 1981.



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