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Be a trained nurse_02w.jpg (93050 bytes) American Red Cross serves humanity2_02w.jpg (53489 bytes) Americas answer to humanity_02w.jpg (55870 bytes)
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Dr Uncle Sam_02w.jpg (70988 bytes) In the name of mercy_02w.jpg (47062 bytes) Facing the future_02w.jpg (57163 bytes)
Your money or his life_02w.jpg (56617 bytes) Five thousand by June_02w.jpg (57950 bytes) Have you answered_02w.jpg (64256 bytes) Help the Red Cross_02w.jpg (56040 bytes)
If I fail he dies_02w.jpg (74941 bytes)
America the hope of all_02w.jpg (55512 bytes) Join the Red Cross_02w.jpg (35371 bytes) Join Red Cross_02w.jpg (52626 bytes)
Make our American Red Cross_02w.jpg (54310 bytes)
Nurse the baby._02w.jpg (50696 bytes) Our greatest mother_02w.jpg (53645 bytes) Red Cross Christmas roll call_02w.jpg (66494 bytes)
Surgical dressings_02w.jpg (78536 bytes) The greatest mother_02w.jpg (42350 bytes) The Red Cross serves humanity_02w.jpg (56573 bytes) The spirit of America_02w.jpg (58929 bytes)
Third Red Cross roll call_02w.jpg (47304 bytes) Wanted 25,000 student nurses_02w.jpg (65083 bytes) What can you do_02w.jpg (55319 bytes) Yesterday - today - always_02w.jpg (52278 bytes)