HRODNA, Belarus                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Boris Feldblyum Collection

                                   (also Гро́дна, Гро́дно, Grodno, Gardinas, גראָדנע , Grodne, Garten)

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Panoramic view of the city. 1915.


Central square, view toward Russian Orthodox Cathedral. Busincess signs read: P. Ionas, Officesupplies; Printing Shop; Stalevich's Store (variant: Stalewicz). Photo ca. 1915.
Photographer: Lejba Gelgor.

View from the fire station tower, possibly Merchant (Торговая) Street. Photo ca. 1915.
Photographer: Lejba Gelgor.

View of the city. Photo ca. 1915.
Photographer: Lejba Gelgor.




Torgovaya Street. 1915.




Wounded German soldiers walking through the main street. 1915.

Street scene in front of the Catholic Cathedral. 1915.

Zamkovaya Street. 1915.

Post Street. 1915.

Bridge, destroyed by the Russian trroops during their retreat from teh city in World War I. Photo ca. 1915.

Photo ca. 1917.