MINSK, Belarus                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Boris Feldblyum Collection

                 ( also Минск )

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BFC-01428    Mutual Credit Society




Podgornaya (Подгорная) Street. Photo ca. 1913.

Publisher: A. I. Fialko in Vilna.

View of the city from the North. Photo 1912.


View of the "Upper Market".  The Archives building is one the right. Ca. 1917. Business signs read: Nobel Br. Co.; Kitchen Ware by Sh. Frumkin.




Government buildings (Дом правительства, architect I. G. Langbard, 1934-37) in ruins. Photo 1941.

Photo 1942.

German caption reads: Overnight Hostel in Minsk. Vacation, May 1942.

View of a street in ruins with the Opera Theatre (architect I. G. Langbard, 1934-37) at a distance.  Photo ca. 1942.

Unidentifies street in ruins during WWII. Photo  1941-1943.

Destroyed Soviet planes at an airfield near Minsk. German photo 1941.

City in ruins. World War II.  Photo 1941.

Destroyed residential buildings. Photo 1941-1943.


Michael Yanovskij (variants: Yanovsky, Яновский). Studio portrait. Photo 1897.
Photographer: Moisej Napelbaum (Напельбаум).

MINSK, Belarus, .
New Year card sent by Nekhama Piker (Пикер) to R. Lapidus (Лапидус), c/o Kimel (Кимель) in New York City. Document 1910.