MONTREAL, Quebec, Canada                                                                                                                                                                       Boris Feldblyum Collection

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More un-catalogued images and documents:

- South Shore Land Co. payment due notice. 1913.
- Granger Freres Ltd. rent payment receipt. 1916.
- Ruvinsky - Nulman wedding invitation. 1916.
- Goldman - Frank wedding invitation. 1914.
- J. Benouit business card.
- The Canadian Transfer Co., Ltd. Baggage ticket. 1913.
- Montreal Light,Heat & Power Co., payment due notice. 1916.
- Geo. M. Pratt, Dealer in Wood and Coal. Invoice. 1913.
- Dr. Max Wiseman, business card.
- Albert's House Furnishers. Invoice. 1915.
- J. Rosmarin, business card.
- A. Schneider, business card.
- A. Shnaider, business card.
- W. Gewirtz Restaurant, business card.
- Letter to S. Stifelman. 1920s.
- Letter from Kiva Gorbulev in Chernigov to Sophie Stifelman (nee Gorbulev) in Montreal. 1914.
- Letter (envelope) from Astoria, OR to Boris Stifelman in Montreal. 1913.
- I. Quint & Sons, business card.
- S. & A. Gruman, business card.