PRAHA, Czech Republic                                                                                                                                                                     Boris Feldblyum Collection  

                       (also Prague)

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19 images from the 1930's.

Panoramic view. Photo ca. 1901

Jewish synagogue. Photo 1928.

Staronova Synagogue. Photo 1900.

Staronova Synagogue. Photo 1900.

Jewish museum. Photo 1933.

Street scene. Signs read: Lakyinik; Salon Huber; Wien Coffe House; Ferdinand Engelmuller; Hynek Gottwald; Photo ca. 1900.
Sent as postcard to Rosa Geyer in Wien , Austria-Hungary.

Jewish cemetery. Photo 1896.
Sent as postcard to Mostar.

Karluv Most. Photo ca. 1946.

Karluv Most. Photo ca. 1960.

Karluv Most. Photo 1950's.

Karluv Most during Nazi occupation in WWII. Photo 1938-1944.

Unidentified Jewish officers of the Soviet Army in Prague liberated from the Nazis in the end of World War II. Photo May 1945.