Cairo, Egypt                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Boris Feldblyum Collection

                               Reference page. All photos copyright Boris Feldblyum or other sources.

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Sailboat on the Nile, Cairo_01w.jpg (75334 bytes) The three pyramids seen through palm grove_01w.jpg (59075 bytes) Resting Bedouins and the Grand Pyramid_01w.jpg (65230 bytes) Continental Savoy. A garden group_01w.jpg (77634 bytes) Continental Savoy. The garden entrance_01w.jpg (63575 bytes)
American University, Cairo_01w.jpg (54146 bytes) Rhoda Island_01w.jpg (74170 bytes) Mosque of Ibn Tulun_01w.jpg (56163 bytes) mosque of Kait Bey_01w.jpg (51972 bytes) Museum of Cairo, exterior_01w.jpg (67949 bytes)
Muski Street, Cairo_01w.jpg (72592 bytes) Kasr En-Nil, bridge over the Nile_01w.jpg (46427 bytes) Bridge over the Nile, open_01w.jpg (70961 bytes) Looking down the Nile, Cairo_01w.jpg (84765 bytes)  Scene in old Cairo_01w.jpg (66986 bytes)
Shoe-black of Cairo_01w.jpg (73740 bytes)   Camels used for carrying bridal party to wedding_01w.jpg (53068 bytes)