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Kamakura_Daibutsu_01.jpg (44678 bytes)

Kamakura. Daibutsu

kyoto_01.jpg (34931 bytes)

Kyoto. Early 1900's.

Kasuga Jinjya_Wisteria flowers_01.jpg (67223 bytes)

Kasuga Jinjya. Wisteria flowers

Japan_Landscape_01.jpg (66626 bytes) Hirosaki_Castle_01web.jpg (73423 bytes)

Hirosaki Castle

Miyajima_01.jpg (48172 bytes)


Green_Lake_01web.jpg (55149 bytes)

Green Lake

Nara_The Large Bell.jpg (64869 bytes)

Nara.  The Large Bell

Nikko_Omizuya_01.jpg (71776 bytes)

Nikko.  Omizuya

Yomei-mon Gate_01.jpg (70583 bytes)

Yomei-mon Gate

Nikko_02web.jpg (49466 bytes)

Nikko. Garden of Rinnoji

Osaka_Castle Tower_01.jpg (45553 bytes)

Osaka. Castle Tower

Tokyo_01web.jpg (55236 bytes)

Tokyo. Ancestral hall of Tokuyaga family. 1906

Taga Shrine_Wisteria flowers_01.jpg (60216 bytes)

Taga Shrine. Wisteria flowers

  Jokohama_01_web.jpg (45470 bytes)


Japan_statue_01.jpg (31806 bytes) Japan_Geishas_01.jpg (38460 bytes)


Japan_Geishas_02.jpg (37346 bytes)


Japan_Landscape_02.jpg (40216 bytes) Japan_Morning dancing lesson_01.jpg (34633 bytes)

Morning dancing lesson

Japan_Sleeping Cat_01.jpg (56864 bytes) Japan_Temple_01.jpg (45328 bytes) Japan_02web.jpg (36597 bytes) japan_06.jpg (46891 bytes)

Womens' baths. Woodcut 19th century.