RIGA, Latvia                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Boris Feldblyum Collection

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Photo ca. 1936.

Photo 1924.

Lithograph ca. 1902.


Riga burning. July 1, 1941.


Duna market. Ca. 1915.

Business sign reads: Sheffler (variant: Scheffler) Meat Trade and Butcher Shop





St. Peter's Church burning. Ca. 1941.

St. Peter's Church burning. Ca. 1941.

Ruined St. Peter's Church. Ca. 1941.

Drama Theatre.  Photo ca. 1943.

Photographer: K. Viburs


Gildenplatz. Photo 1915.

Polytechnic University. Photo 1917.

Photo 1928.

Russian Cathedral. Photo ca. 1920's.


Burning city in World War II.

City canal. Photo 1917.

City canal. Photo 1917.

Riga 1978



Invoice from the David Wissotzki (vaiants Vysotskij, Vysotsky, Wisocki, Высоцкий) firm to All Saints (Всехсвятская) Church. Document 1913.

Certificate issued to Movsha Zelbovich (variants Zelbovitz, Zelbowicz, Зельбович) and Sheina Lanesman (Ланесман). Signed by Riga Rabbi M. Zak. Document 1929.

Postcard sento to David Yakobson (varints Jacobson, Якобсон) in St. Petersburg by his parents. Document 1905.

Infirmary of the Riga Jewish Committee. World War I period.  Photo ca. 1915.

Photographer: D. Gruziner (Д. Грузинер).

Letter to Morris Gahn in Baltimore, MD, USA from his wife. Document 1915.