KLAIPEDA, Lithuania                                                                                                    Boris Feldblyum Collection

                     (also Memel)

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Panoramic view. 1920s.

Friedrich-Wilhelm Street. 1920's.


Friedrich-Wilhelm Street. 1930's.


Ober_Lyceum (High School)


Alexander Street. Sign on the right reads: Men's Hair Cut. Photo 1910's.

Railroad Station. 1920s.


Libau Square. 1930's.


Stock Exchange. 1930's.

Sandkrug. 1910's.


Simon Dach Monument and the City Theatre. 1930's.

Port. 1920s.

Port. 1910's

Lighthouse. 1930's.

Seashore. 1930's

Group of Lithuanians, many from Jonishkis district, emigrating to America. Photo 1907.