KRAKOW, Poland                                                                                                    Boris Feldblyum Collection

                                     (also Cracow, Krakau)

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View of the Castle. Photo ca. 1942.

Members of the Sophie Maslow (variants: Masloff, Maslov) Dance company with the 18th century Menorah from the Great Synagogue of Cracow (Krakow), Poland, during Chanukah Festival for Israel Bonds at Madison Square Garden in New York. Photo 1965.  [603]

Jewish man reading. 1908.


Business postcard from Majer Weinstein in Krakow to Josef Dressler in Groslovowiz (?) in Czechoslovakia. Document 1927.

Kazimierz area. Map 1836.

Kazimierz area. Map 1855.

Kazimierz area. Map 1916.

Kazimierz area. Map 1938.

Kazimierz area. Map 1947.