Ukraine, miscellaneous unidentified places and people                                                                                                                                                                                                 Boris Feldblyum Collection

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Peasant hut. Early 1900's

Peasant hut. Early 1900's

Peasant hut. Photo 1911.

Carpathian mountains. Hutzuls on horsbak. Photo 1927.

Photographer: M. Senkowski in Kosov.

Chicago Word's Fair, 1933. Ukrainian Pavilion.






Jewish man in a street. Western Ukraine. ca. 1915.

Unidentified Jewish cemetery, possibly in Western Ukraine. Tombstones on teh foreground read: Chana (?) b. Avraham, d. 13 Adar; Etil, b. Yaakov, d. 1894; Chaya b. Tzvi, d. 1896. Photo 1916.   [ukraine_108]

Unidentified church. Photo ca. 1917.

German bombers over Ukraine. 1941.

Unidentified town. German photo 1941-43.

                                           [ _115]

Unidentified town. German photo 1941-43.

Ukraine in World War II. Peasant hut, possibly Kiev-Chernigov region. Photo 1941.

Peasant hut, possibly Kiev-Chernigov region. Photo 1941.

German army vehicles in front of a old Russian nobleman's estate (помещичья усадьба), possibly Kiev-Chernigov region. Photo 1941.

Village scene, possibly Kiev-Chernigov region. Photo 1941.

Unidentified town in Western Ukraine, possibly Dolina (Долина), Kalush (Kalusz, Калуш), or Stryj (Стрий). World War II period. Photo 1941-1943.                              a3

Jewish cemetery. Tombsones of Yechezqel Shtreinberg (variants Sztrejnberg, Штрейнберг) and David Tekhil ben Yitzchak Arieh (no family name). Unidentified location. Might also be Belarus or Poland. Photo ca. 1939-1943.

German army trucks by a village church. Unidentified location. Photo 1941.

Jewish village in the Carpathiam mountains. Unidentified location. Photo 1939-1942.
Possibly South-Eastern Poland.

Beast feels humorous: "Magnificent buildings of the Galitzian Jews. Asphalt roads, hot and cold water, toilet with bide, electric lights and small animal shed. There was everything there in Galitzia. So we were going to teach [them] culture."

Destroyed Soviet machinery. German photo 1941.
Caption reads: bei Rufschana. Juli 41.

Local family, possibly Jewish, posing for a German camera. Might also be Slovakia or Roomania. Photo ca. 1939-1941.