PATERSON, NJ, USA                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Boris Feldblyum Collection

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Paterson Iron Co.. Steamboat & railroad forgings. Lithograph 1880's

Bird's-eye view of Paterson. Lithograph 1880.

Danforth, Cooke & C.'s Locomotive & machine works. Engraving late 1800's.

View of the city from Water Works Park. Photo early 1900's.

iew of the city from Reservoir  Park. Photo early 1900's.

D.L. & W. bridge over the Passaic. Photo 1890's.

D.L. & W. bridge over the Passaic. Photo 1890's.

Passaic St., residence of anarchists. Photo early 1900's.

Elison St. Photo early 1900's.

May Day parade in New York. Strikers' children from Paterson. Photo 1913.

Belle Vista. Photo early 1900's.

Passaic Falls. Photo early 1900's.

Izzie Kline, 8 yrs. old newsboy. Photo 1912.

Group of Jewish newsboys. Identified: Bennie Friedman (variants: Fridman, Frydma) and Isidor Kline. Photo 1912.

Envelope of a letter sent from Lodz, Poland to Sussman (variant: Zusman) Textile Waste Corporation in Paterson. Document 1939.

Postcard from Dawid Wenig in Rymanow, Poland to Sam Wenig in Paterson. Document 1937.

Advertisement of Houdini's performance in Lyceum Theatre. Lithograph ca. 1909.