PHILADELPHIA, PA, USA                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Boris Feldblyum Photography / Collection

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The Residences at Dockside
Architect: BLT Architects (2002)

Society Hill Towers I and II
Architect: I.M. Pei and Associates (1964)

Hilton Philadelphia at Penn's Landing
Architect: Brennan Beer Gorman Monk(2000)

Barnes Foundation. 2010.

Photo 1980

Philadelphia, 2013

North-East Philadelphia. 2014.

Philadelphia, 2015.

Philadelphia, 2017

Philadelphia, 2019

Tulip Street


Morris Goldberg (smallest boy) of 316 Bainbridge St., age 7, newsboy; the Mellitto boys are also shown. Photo 1910.

Postcard in Yiddish sent by L. Goldberg (variant  Гольдберг) in Lowell, MA to B. Abromovich (variant: Abramovich, Абрамович) in Philadelphia. Document 1894.

Sam Aronoff’s (variants Aronov, Аронов) business card. Handwritten note on verso related to B. Kupersmith (variants Купершмидт, Купершмит). Document 1910's.

CHERNIGOV [Чернигов] , Ukraine. Letter from Gorbulev (Горбулев) to Sophie and Boris Stifelman/Shtifelman (Стифельман/Штифельман) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Document 1917.

CHERNIGOV [Чернигов] , Ukraine. Letter from Kovalev (Ковалев), ne Gorbulev (Горбулев) to Stifelman (nee Gorbulev) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Document ca. 1923.

More un-catalogued images and documents:

- Roosevelt Mall (shopping center). Architecture, mannequin, restaurant interior.  2008.

- Letter from Isaacson in Philadelphia, PA to Stifelman in Franklinville, NJ. 1945.
- Aronoff - Aronoff wedding invitation. 1909.
- Fairmont Savings Trust Co. 1910s.
- Letter (envelope) from Russia to Stifelman in Philadelphia, PA. 1917.
- Boris Stifelman Certificate of Naturalization. 1925.
- Sophie Stifelman Certificate of Naturalization. 1941.
- Greeting card to Boris and Sophie Stifelman from their daughter. 1944.
- Greeting card to Boris Stifelman from his daughter. 1945.
- Metropolitan Opera House Co. envelope. 1910s.
- Sam Aronoff business card.
- Boris Stifelman, US Army Registration Certificate. 1918.
- Boris Stifelman calling card.