Shtetl                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Boris Feldblyum Collection  

                                  Reference page. All photos copyright Boris Feldblyum or other sources. 

At one time or another, we think about the world long gone and try to grasp its mystery, to understand what keeps it alive in our imagination. We hunt for old photos; we look into faces of people whose names and fates are unknown to us, we study images of muddy streets, of houses that look like shacks... We all imagine this world differently and images help us.

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Alsedziai, Lithuania

Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Early 1900's.


Baranovich, Belarus

Baranovich, Belarus

Belinek, Belarus

Belz, Ukraine


Berdichev, Ukraine

Berdichev, Ukraine

Biala, Poland

Bialystok, Poland.

Borokhov, Ukraine

Brody, Ukraine

Chelm, Poland

Chop, Ukraine

Dlugosiodlo, Poland. 1920's.

Dukshtas, Lthuania. Ca. 1915.

France. Early 1900's.

Gajsin, Ukraine

Gorokhiv, Ukraine

Grajewo, Poland


Kalvarija, Lithuania. 1916.

Kamenets Podolsky, Ukraine

Kazatin, Ukraine

Kazimierz Dolny, Poland

Khoderev, Ukraine

Khorostkov, Ukraine. 1941.

Kolno, Poland

Konotop, Ukraine

Koshedary, Lithuania

Kovel, Ukraine

Kozienice, Poland

Kozova, Ukraine

Krakow, Poland


Lida, Belarus. 1900's.

Lithuania. early 1900's.

Lodz, Poland

Lowicz, Poland

Lublin, Poland. Early 1900's.

Lubny, Ukraine

Lugansk, Ukraine

Lutsk, Ukraine


Miedzyrzecz, Poland

Mlawa, Poland.

Mogilev, Belarus

Mogilev Podolsk, Ukarine


Narew, Poland

Nemirov, Ukraine

Novogrudok, Belarus


Olesko, Ukraine

Ostrolenka, Poland. 1920's.

Ostropol, Ukraine


Panemune, Lithuania

Panevezhys, Lithuania

Pinsk, Belarus

Pinsk, Belarus

Pruzhany, Belarus

Poland. 1939.




Rawa Mazowiecka, Poland

Rivne, Ukraine


Sanok, Poland

Sarny, Ukraine

Seda, Lithuania

Shavli, Lithuania

Siedlce, Poland. 1939-1943

Skvira, Ukraine

Soly, Belarus

Starokonstantinov, Ukraine.

Svalyava, Ukraine. Ca. 1925.

Szamotuly, Poland

Talsi, Latvia

Tarnogrod, Poland

Telsh, Lithuania

Ternopol, Ukraine

Trostyanets, Ukraine. 1918.

Ukraine. Early 1900's.

Ukraine. Ca. 1918.

Ukraine. Ca. 1918.

Ukraine. 1930's.


Velka Berezna, Ukraine. 1924.

Vilejka, Belarus

Vinnitsa, Ukraine

Vitebsk, Belarus

Volove, Ukraine. Ca. 1922

Wolbrom, Poland. 1942. 

Wroclaw, Poland


Zhitomir, Ukraine

Zyrardow, Poland. 1939-1941.